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I know, it’s been too long

Sorry, I’ve been busy, beating the slave and all.  Damn it’s awesome having a bitch to slap around.

Here’s a few pics to keep ya company

great ass


I wanna see this at the park

hope they don't snap off



Each week or so, I”m gonna post a picture (or as many as I can get ahold of) of some HOT ASS MAN.  Just for the sake of giving someone a reason to whack it.

so 80's it hurts

The boy adventure…

Ok, I’m flying to VA tomorrow to meet the boy. I’m looking forward to beating his ass. And fucking it too.

I will have LOTS of pictures when I get back so be prepared to see the “faggot” in full color. Does he want his pictures all over the internet? who cares. I want them all over the internet and that’s all that matters.

here’s a pic to get you by…


hell yeah they do

visiting the boy

Well I have 7 days til I’m flying to Virginia Beach to visit “the boy”. I’m looking forward to a few days of getting to use and abuse his ass. We’re also going thru his (well now MY) possessions and throwing most of it away. I don’t need a bunch of crap lying around the house. You know what they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, well this is the opposite. His treasures are just trash to me.

I’m really going for the visit just to get to smack him around for a few days. I’m a sadist and he loves pleasing me so it should make for a good time for all.  I’ve already got him eating his meals on the floor with no utensils and no hands. He has to just root around like a lil pig. When he gets done his face is covered in food and I just wanna jerk off and cum all over it. Is that wrong?  I don’t care.

I’ve taken more control of him. His finances are now completely controlled by me. He can’t spend a penny without my approval. Sometimes he’ll be at the grocery store and calls for approval to spend, say $30. I will tell him no, that he can’t spend over $20.  I don’t really care if he spends 30 but it’s fun to make him go have to put things back. It’s just a fun little way to fuck with his mind.

Anyway, here’s a pic…

Sit bitch

punishing the boy

So the boy disrespected me online during a chat. His phone rang and he answered it (no problem, I don’t have an issue with that since he is 1000 miles away) but then he typed “just a sec”. WTF? oh hell no.

So as his punishment, since I’m not there to paddle his balls or cane his ass, he had to write 500 times “this faggot will not disrespect his Master ever again”.  It worked when we were in school, so I figured it would give him something to do and would make him think about things while he was writing it all.

Plus it’s fun to watch him on cam writing and writing and writing. hehehe

here’s a pic…

perfect balls, yum

Happy Birthday to Me

yep, it’s my fucking birthday. woohoo. I’m now 41. granted I’m still hot, but I’m 40-fucking-1. Way over the hill in gay world. I’m now in bear territory knocking on sugar daddy door.



nasty, just nasty. I'll do all of them

white trash

COME ON. When you have someone sitting on your fucking dick and riding you like a porn star, the least you can do is put down the fucking beer and give him a hand job. And maybe push the dog off the couch. Geez.

we like the cars, the cars that go.. advertise?

Someone, please explain this to me, cause I don’t fucking get it.

hello kitty





please help me figure it out!!  I wan’t to understand.

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