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the boy… disobedience

Well it seems that I’ve given the boy a little leeway and he’s starting to want more freedom. I have allowed him to use the computer and now he has taken to being on the computer all day while I am at work. Some changes are going to be made.

Now I looked at the history and found a post on a slave website where he says “I’m thinking about pushing my Master’s limits to see how far I can go”.  Oh silly little faggot. I can’t wait to see what he has in mind. hehehe.

lick it up Heather, lick it up


hubba hubba

A few pics to get you by…


something about a tat'd boy. yum

something about this pic makes me moist


I need that every morning making me breakfast

setting up house is hard

So I finally bought a house. Now I have gotten all moved in and have realized I don’t have near enough furniture to fit it. So I will just have to go shopping. Yippie! (I may be a Master, but I’m still gay).

In the mean time… here’s a pic (or 2 or 3) for ya

now that's a great ass

getting in the shower

not sure about the bathroom, but the ass is nice

I know, it’s been too long

Sorry, I’ve been busy, beating the slave and all.  Damn it’s awesome having a bitch to slap around.

Here’s a few pics to keep ya company

great ass


I wanna see this at the park

hope they don't snap off

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