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It’s WINTER. Snow. Ice. Nakedness.

Yep, it snowed for Christmas. So I took my new undies and went outside and played.

new undies for Xmas

I just love hotties in the snow. Don’t you?

OOPS, my undies have fallen down, whatever shall I do?


Merry FUCKING Xmas

And I mean that, literally. I hope you all get a lil something something the next few days.  Lord knows I ain’t.

santa has a hot ass


Sleepy Santa

fuck me under the tree

santa undies

santa jacking

ho ho I'm a ho

hottest christmas ever

two for one

merry fucking xmas

lounging Santa cock

Curtain RECALL? Really?

Stupid fucking parents!!!!  Ok, I’m soooo trying to control my anger right now but it’s very difficult.  Let’s get the facts out…

The “curtains” are actually roman shades, not curtains.

There have been over 10 million of them sold.

5 children were killed by becoming entangled in the cords and suffocating.

16 others were injured.

OK, WTF?  We are going to issue a nationwide recall of these 10 million roman shades because 21 kids got hurt or killed?  TWENTY FUCKING ONE? Out of TEN MILLION sold!!!!!???

Does this seem like a stupid fucking idea to anyone besides me?  Sure, let’s just put this company completely out of business because these parents were too fucking stupid to move the cord away from where the child could get strangled. Do you not learn this in parenting 101? Rule Number One, Child proof your fucking home!

Remember when kids were getting strangled on their coat hood ties? Remember when kids were getting killed from becoming tangled up in mini-blind cords? Did we learn nothing from that? I’m watching this stupid ass on the news talking about coming in and seeing his son choking because he got caught up in the roman shades cords that were beside his crib.  Here’s a new idea, don’t put cords near your child’s crib!!!!

Some people just shouldn’t be parents. And now because these 21 morons let their kids get hurt of killed because of their stupidity, the company that makes these shades will probably go out of business causing all of their employees to have to get unemployment and possibly lose their homes. I am just so fucking over it.

If you can’t take a little responsibility for perhaps making a stupid decision like putting your childes crib next to curtains or shades with cords dangling from it, then maybe you should be charged with child endangerment.

porn, fuck, suck, cock.

Alright so yes, there will be pictures, but I’m just testing out a theory that the most traffic I get on this blog are the days when my post name has sexual connotations.

Ok, so it’s more than a theory, I looked up my stats. It’s sad, SAD people. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Oh wait, nevermind, I have like two normal blogs and 64 porn sites saved in my faves list.  Carry on.

more pics that make me moist and meaty

fuck me running

pretty boy

Today is just a few pics of some boys that make my dick hard.  Enjoy.

jeez he's pretty




Levi’s Big Adventure

Now I have to admit, I wish when I was younger I had taken a LOT more naked pics of myself. I looked GOOD but of course I thought I was fat, ugly, skinny, bad hair, bad teeth, bad complexion, bad everything. But I always knew I had a great COCK. Some things never change.

Here are some pics from Levi’s recent Playgirl shoot:

And for those of you who didn’t think he showed his “junk” I have the proof.

Yep, that’s my future ex husband.

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