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A shopping we will go

I’m off to go shop for a new TV. I have had a little 13 inch tv in my bedroom which has been fine since it’s just me. I decided that I wanted to upgrade so I’m going to look for a 37″ plasma or LCD. I’ll be sure to let you all know what I get and how I like it, I thought about getting a surround sound for it as well but thought since it’s just in my bedroom there is no need to have my porn collection coming at me in dolby digital from every angle possible.

Hmm, now that I think about it that might be a great thing.

Here’s a pic

now that's a headache

Got his head up his ass. literally


Revisiting the past

I contacted an old boyfriend of mine. I had been thinking about him. I broke up with him because he drank. A LOT!  A huge amount!!  Like so much he actually had a breath test machine in his car because of a DUI. The day he got it off he celebrated by drinking a 6-pack and then going driving around.

He went thru AA and has been sober for over a year now. I started thinking about him a few months ago and wondering what he was up to and how he was doing. I sent an email to him a few days ago say so and he replied that he was doing well and we should have dinner to catch up. We are having dinner tomorrow night.

I don’t know what “dinner” means exactly but from the sexual chemistry we shared before I will definitely be wearing my sexy undies just in case.

Here’s a pic to keep you going.

pretty view

pretty view

Just a quickie

Just a short little post this morning. I overdosed on porn last night and didn’t get to sleep til late and of course now I don’t want to get up and get ready for work.

Here’s a great picture to get you UP for work.



Puter meltdown or sabotage?

Ok, so I’m on a new computer. Well not a new one, but a backup that I’ve had for a while. I actually like it better than my other one. So  here is the story…

I was on chatting away with my friends and I told a friend that I had a puter in a spare bedroom that I needed to get working. He offered his help and we got it working. It needed something like a video driver. I didn’t even know a computer could drive. HAHA. I crack myself up.

Anyway, I got online with the new puter and I really like it. It’s got a brand new mother board and is waaaay upgraded so it’s super fast. Plus the MAJOR plus is that is has Windows XP instead of stupid ass VISTA.  So I closed the lid on my Toshiba laptop and decided that I would use this one for a few days and see how it went.

Well after an hour I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my Toshiba had not shut off. So I opened the lid and yes, it was still running. I HATE THAT!!!!  So I got a little tempermental and shut the lid rather harshly, the puter again refused to standby so I did it again, and again and then I picked it up, ripped the power cord out of it and threw it across the room.

Now, while my rage was immediately quenched. My second thought was ” OH SHIT, All my pictures and files are still on it”.  Well now it’s refusing to boot up, of course. I’m not about to take it to Geek Squad and let them get it going cause my background is, well, a naked picture of ME.  And all my pictures are porn. Isn’t that why they created the internet?

So I’m back to talking my friends into fixing my puter for me so I can grab all my pics and put them on my external hard drive.  Oh, such a life this is.  And here’s a picture for ya.



Not much to report

This has been a very boring week. Started training for my new position in the company so I’ve been very busy with my own life.  I know, how dare I ignore my tens of readers (hehe) for my own selfish needs? Well get over it, it happens.

I am making some life decisions this week.  I’ve been offered a new job with a new company that is going to fly me to their corporate office for the final interview this coming week. The job is great but the company is fairly small (only about 70 locations vs the 400 for the company I’m with now). The good thing I like about them is they are not a publicly traded company, they are privately owned. Now that also means they can do some things that they shouldn’t do because they do the whole “oh, we didn’t know that” crap.  So it’s a trade off.

I am also still hunting for my bachelor pad.  I’m still going back and forth with the realtors, ugh. It’s so frustrating, worse than buying a car, wait, no it isn’t. Nothing is worse than buying a car.

I’m also trying to decide that I might not want to date anymore. It just shouldn’t be this hard to try and find a life mate / slave, whatever. The guys here just want to talk about serving, they get hot listening to what I want to do to them, then they cum.  After that, as most of you know, for a man it’s over.  Once we cum, we have no power to do anything but eat cereal and go to sleep. We are sorry, but it just happens. Ok, we aren’t really sorry.

I know that you are saying, WHAT THE FUCK? I didn’t come here to listen to you bitch about your life I came here to read stories about your slave search. Well too bad. hehe. Ok, here’s a lil something something to keep you tuning in…

oh fuck

oh fuck

The Date, No, Meeting man

Well I’ve been keeping in commication with the date, no , meeting man.  He does have a charming personality. Not to mention a great ass.

He’s said that his ass is mine whenever I want it and of course the fact that he has offered it has kinda made me not want it.  Why want something that you can have anytime you want. Isn’t it more fun to try and chase something you can never have? Sigh.

It's yours if you want it

It's yours if you want it

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