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the next date, no, meeting

So we decided to go to a movie Tuesday after meeting for Ice Cream (yeah, I still can’t get over that one either).  Well when it came time to meet, he starts texting that he is still broke and blah blah blah. So I tell him I don’t mind paying or we can just rent a dvd and stay in.  He says that sounds good.

He comes over, we watch a lil tv then get in my car to go rent a movie.  We rent Monsters VS Aliens cause I haven’t seen it and it is, after all, all about me. We also rent Twilight for the same reason.

We get back to my place and I figure if we aren’t going to be seen in public I’m gonna save the find couture I’m wearing by not laying all over it on the couch so I go and change into shorts and a t-shirt. We get on the sectional and about 1/2 way thru the movie we are kinda holding hands and rubbing our arms, etc.  He finally says “I’m gonna come over there in a minute and cuddle with you”. So I say sure, sounds good, come on over.

He comes over and of course I have to let my hands start walking all over his body. He’s fully dressed but my hands find their way under his shirt, in his pants, etc. We finish the first movie and I put in the next movie. He says he is going to take his pants off and get comfortable. So I know what that means.

About 15 minutes into the movie we start rubbing and caressing and kissing and well, we fucked like horny little bunny rabbits.

This is the first guy I’ve fucked in prolly 8 months. The ex BF and I weren’t very sexual since I wasn’t all that attracted to him for several reasons, but that’s another post.

So I enjoyed sliding the old incredible heat seeking moisture missle into his wanton tunnel of love.  It was nice getting back in the saddle and I was pretty good if I do say so myself.

ow, ow, ow, it hurts

ow, ow, ow, it hurts


A date, no, a meeting

So I had a date with this very handsome gentleman last night.  We have talked online for years but never got together outside of the chat room. So finally after talking a few nights ago he sends me an email asking if I’d like to go for dinner or something.  So being newly single and needing an ego boost, I said yes.

So we had decided on Sunday evening. Then Sunday morning I get up to go to work and it starts…

I arrive at 7am, even though we don’t open till 11am. We had to set up for a new ad campaign. So we get all this done and I return to my desk to find a note saying that one of my employees is sick. I call her and ask her “does this mean you aren’t coming in?”  She says that she took her temp and it’s 103 so she thinks she should stay home.

Now I start calling around for her replacement. And of course being Sunday, no one answers their phones. I leave message after message and alas no one returns.  So this means that I now have to fill in for the missing employee. Meaning I will start my work day at 7am, and end it at 7pm.  So I won’t feel like going on a date after work. I call my potential suitor and ask if we can raincheck. He says sure ,”Yes Sir” actually!!!! BONUS POINTS!!!

So Monday I am off for the day and I text message him a few times and we decide on dinner. Well by the end of the day he has started acting as if he was not really interested anymore so I had almost written it off. Then he texts back and we decide to go get ice cream.  I know, I know, ice cream? WTF? Are we 12 year olds and is mom gonna drive?

So I offer to pick him up or he can pick me up but he would rather meet there.  Ugh.  I hate dates that can’t commit to the WHOLE experience. So we meet at our local ice cream place and he gets out of his car and he’s actually cute.  He looks just like his picture (which I knew he did because I had once seen him on his motorcycle).  He immediately told me that my pictures did not do me justice. He was a little jittery and I couldn’t tell if that was from nerves or from Ty Pennington’s best friend “Crystal” if you know what I mean.

Well after awhile he seemed to calm down and we just started talking. We talked for several hours actually. He was funny, charming, confident. He kept saying how attractive I was and I agreed. hehe. He suggested that we go to a movie the next day since I was off then as well. I accepted and we talked a bit online when we both returned home.

I’m a bit unsure about what I think about him and the date. It wasn’t the worst date I’ve had, by far, but it wasn’t exactly earth shattering either. So I figure we’ll hang out some more and see what happens.

a new me, a new blog look



It was time to update the blog. I promise I will post more often and will share with all of you some great pictures and stories.  Pictures of myself, my “friends”, and pictures I just found on the web. The stories will be some non-fiction, some fiction, some auto-biographical and some a little bit of all.  I won’t tell you which are which. That will be for you to try and figure out. LOL.

I look forward to exploring my sexuality and sharing all the intimate details here for all of you to read. And I KNOW you can’t wait to read it.  So let’s get started.

No more I love you’s

The relationship is over. My BF, now my ex-BF, and I have decided that it’s time to call a spade a spade and break it off before we end up hating each other. He is moving out as we speak, well, as I type.  He found a cute little apartment and I am helping him get some things to start out with since he really has nothing of his own to take with him.

Why do I end up paying my bf’s to leave?  This is like the third one that I have funded during our break up.  I think I just need to stick with my subs and not try to live and love and all that crap. I’m much better when it’s all about ME!!!!

Now that's a party platter

Now that's a party platter

About last night…

04So the affair (or chance repeated meetings between two adult males in which things of a sexual nature may, or may not, occur) is still going on. Although in my defense I did tell my partner that I was talking to someone else.

But the thing is… this new guy is not your typical “date” type. See, I may look like the boy next door, but only if you live next door to a freak. I’m discovering my BDSM side. I am what some people call a MASTER (but you can just call me Sir).

So this “boy” that I’ve met is not only HOT AS HELL, but he is a sub. He loves being told what to do. He loves being degraded, being tied up, being subservient to all others. So it’s not like I’m gonna leave my partner for another boyfriend. Does that make it right? NO. But it does make it fun.

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