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A fork in the road

OK, I need your help.

I have a decision that I need to make and just can’t figure out which way to go.  Here’s the deal.

So after I got stabbed by Shaniqua and spent all that time recovering and trying to get my head back on straight and face the world again, I got laid off from work. They gave me a great severence package that allowed me to pay off everything I own. After I left I found out that I had quite a retirement package saved up as well. All of the money was put into the account by the company. I didn’t put in a single dime. HEHE. Suckers.

Anyway, I pulled all of the money out of the retirement account and transfered it to my savings account. Now before you start bitching that I should have left it alone… I was attempting to make a clean break from the company that I gave almost 10 years of my life to. So what if I had to pay 20% taxes, it wasn’t my money. So what if I pay a 10% penalty for early withdrawal, it wasn’t my money. And besides, it just felt more like an additional severance package to me.

So here is the dilema. I now have to chance to change my life and start on a new path. I can take this money and pay all of my monthly bills for the next year. Food, rent, car, insurance, gas, cable, etc etc.  I got a new job in the same industry that I have been in for the past 20 years and while I love the industry, I really hate my new job. I have always wanted to start in the real estate field. I’ve wanted this since I was in high school and never went thru with it. I actually went thru R.E. school in the late 80’s but never took the test to get my license. I chickened out of my dream. I stuck with what I knew and what was familiar.

Now I feel like this is my second chance. But I’m frozen in fear. I’m afraid to give up this new great paying job that I HATE with a bloody passion because if I fail at Real Estate I won’t have this great income to fall back on.  But if I don’t take this chance at my dream, I will never know what could have been. I’m still young enough to have a great future and I don’t want to fuck it up by making a bad decision. Something just keeps screaming at me that this is my ONE great chance to change my life. But I feel like I have to be an adult and not just give up this great job I have now that people would kill for.

Tell me your thoughts!!!  HELP!!!


An offer has been made

Will it be accepted? hmmmm

Buying a home

Yep, I’m looking at buying a condo. I sweet little three story condo with two bedrooms and a loft. It’s a nice little gay paradise. I am looking forward to fixing it up and making it my Home sweet homo. hehe.

Imagine it, hardwood floors – granite counters – tons of skylights – I can’t wait. Hopefully it will all work out well and I will get the offer accepted.  I will take pictures soon and post them as I can. Have a lot going on with the new job and buying the condo (keep your fingers crossed).

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