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Love is being able to tell your significant other that you love their cooking even while the stomach pumping is being performed.

Yeah, that’s a good one.


davey wavey

This guys blog rocks. He has a great take on life. I love reading his posts and then sitting back and thinking about how I can change my life to use the information. Anyway, check it out, then come right back here. Dammit.

work sucks

Yeah, so I got a new job. After being fired from the last one that I held for like 10 years. Layoffs are a bitch. I don’t care if they let a bunch of people off or not, it always feels like you are the only one being let go.

So the new job just royally sucks. I hate going there. I hate being there. I hate everything about it.  For one thing, it’s retail. Which I actually LOVE. But I find I hate being Management in retail. I’d rather be a nobody who just rings people up all day. That would actually make me very happy in my life. But it doesn’t pay crap so I can’t afford to do that. So I am the manager at this location and I just hate it. They make me hire so many people and then give me no hours so everyone can only have about 10 hours a week. It makes them mad and then they all quit and then I have to hire more. It’s a vicious circle that the company thinks is just the perfect way to run the business. I personally hate it and can’t see why we can’t have half or a third the number of employees and make them all 30 hours a week.

It’s not the insurance and benefits, cause we offer that to part timers as well. ugh. So I’m looking for something else to do with my life. I just really needed to do something during the day cause sitting at home was driving me nuts. I did use my severence pay to pay off everything I own, so I don’t have any bills. Maybe I could just go be a cashier somewhere and not have any responsibilities. Something mindless where I don’t have to do anything but clock in, work and clock out. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Make me a supermodel

I’m watching Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel finale. I can’t believe this show has made it this long. Of course I watch every fucking episode. I must admit however that I only watch it to see the male models half naked (or in some episodes even less) slurp.

Now that it’s down to the three boys I’m hoping that Jonathan will win. I guess I will find out in a few minutes. Even though he is str8 (hehe yeah yeah) I still think he has the most rocking body I have seen in a long time.

I will let you know tomorrow if I agree with the judges or not. I certainly hope they don’t choose sandhurst. Don’t we have enough black supermodel wannabe’s thanks to Tyra and her America’s Next Top Black Model?  That is the name of it, right? hehe.

Don’t hate, apreciate.

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