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Bailouts andTarps and Restructuring, oh my

Wow, this is getting fun. I have started a pool around the office to see who goes out of business first. Here is a run down…

Ford said FUCK YOU to the government. WHY IN GOD’S GREEN AND BLUE EARTH are they not running commercials 24 hours a day saying “WE DIDN’T TAKE TAXPAYER MONEY, COME BUY A CAR FROM US INSTEAD OF THOSE LOSERS”.

Chrysler is hanging on by a thread. It’s like when you were little and lost a tooth that was just barely hanging on. We just need a big piece of string. We can tie one end to Chrysler and the other end to a doorknob and then slam the door really quick. It will be over like THAT. And really, will anyone cry a tear because they aren’t able to purchase a Town & Country Minivan? Dodge Nitro? Jeep Compass? NOPE.

GM is now saying they are going to dump over half of their brands (finally). They are going to concentrate on Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. WTF? GMC? Why bother with GMC. GMC is a copy of Chevy Trucks. Why have both if they are basically the same vehicles with different badges. Anyway, GM is finally getting rid of the stupid brands like Saturn which is a copy of most other Chevy vehicles, Pontiac which has at least one Australian vehicle but is mostly copies of Chevy, Hummer which is just an insane brand that needs to go anyway, Saab which has already declared bankruptcy and is aparently wanting Sweden to take them over. It’s enough to make your head spin. I just don’t understand


Octomom, Shmoctomom

I am so over this bitch. Why haven’t the authorities done something about this “clown-car vagina”, Angelina Jolie wannabe skank? They should at minimum make her stop getting taxpayer dollars to fund her plastic surgery, fertility treatments and other habits.

I don’t think the world needs to spend any more time on her. She is as old news as Spencer and Heidi. The only time this “mom” spends with her new kids is when the cameras are rolling. If no one gets to see her feeding the babies, why should she bother feeding them. Someone else will take care of all that, won’t they? And why should she actually walk into the nursery and check to see if they are breathing or crying? Someone would surely call her if one of them dies, right?

She’s a sorry excuse for a mom and someone should see if the tooth fairy could possibly slip in after she goes to bed and sterilize that cunt.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

When Shaniqua’s Attack, Part 7

So when I first found out the news about Shaniqua is was shocked. I can’t say I was sad or really even upset for that matter. It’s kind of like finding out that someone you really don’t like had something bad happen to them. It makes you feel a bit vindicated and a bit superior. I know that’s horrible to say but Oh well, the bitch fucking STABBED me. FUCK HER. I hope she rots in hell. Ok, I feel much better now. Sorry for that momentary outburst, it shall never happen again.

So when I spoke to the detective he informed me that my need to testify in court was no longer a concern. I was a bit taken aback wondering how this woman was going to face her charges without me telling the world what happened. I mean honestly, isn’t the whole point of our judicial system the scales of justice. You tell your side, I tell mine and the judge or jury decides who is more believable? I just don’t understand how she is going to be punished properly if I don’t get to take the stand and tell how horrible it has been to be stabbed and lay bleeding in your office not knowing if you will live or die.

After taking a moment to let all of my thoughts dissipate, I heard the next sentence come out of the detective’s mouth…

“Shaniqua is dead”

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